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The Norman Family Cemetery covers 0.47 acre (or 20,662 square ft.) based on a survey done by Green Engineering in 1997.  Here are some interesting facts: 

  • There are 380 total plots available based on square footage of the usable grounds; each plot is 4 x 8 ft. with 2 ft. between rows

  • 121 of the plots are either occupied or reserved; 12 of those plots are actually “unknown” but are designated as "occupied" based on memory

  • 79 of the occupied plots have markers with legible birth and death dates; these were used to make the Norman Family Cemetery Timeline chart

  • There are 259 plots available


  • The earliest birth date year is of both C.D. and Nancy Norman (1808)

  • The oldest family member currently resting in the Cemetery is Verna Norman (92 years old; February 11, 1901 – March 1, 1993)

  • There are 6 family members who were less than 1 year old at the time of their interment

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